First look at Austin Tilghman

First look at Austin Tilghman

Less than an hour south of Philadelphia, in Middletown, Delaware sits St. Andrew's School, a small boarding school most known for being the backdrop for the film Dead Poet's Society. St. Andrew's also just happens to star two of the better sophomores in the region, who are coached by a former Big 5 standout.

St. Andrew's is coached by former Saint Joseph's guard Terrell Myers. On Sunday, Hawk Hill Hardwood spoke with Myers about two of his sophomores, guard Austin Tilghman and forward Ben Bentil. Today's feature article will focus on Tilghman, with an article on Bentil up tomorrow.

Tilghman, who already has a college-ready body at 6'1 and 215 pounds, plays the point for Saint Andrew's. Due to his size, skill set, and "extremely high basketball IQ," Myers did not hold back with praise for his point guard. "I honestly believe that Austin is the best pure point guard in his class in the area," Myers stated.

According to Myers, Austin is still relatively new to playing the point, having basically played in the post prior to last year. His ability to get acclimated so quickly to playing the point has as much to do with his mental make-up as it has to do with his physical ability.

"Austin just wants to win," his coach began. "He plays with zero selfishness and just wants to do whatever it takes to win. He can score 30 points if that's what it takes, or he can score 2 points. "

Austin's size and strength for the point guard position becomes even more impressive when you learn that he just turned 16. While Myers did not get specific on Austin's recruitment, he mentioned that, at his current size he projects at least at an Atlantic 10 level. If Austin were to grow another inch or two, he would likely start to see attention from other schools, including ACC schools.

Tilghman, as a sophomore, is still in the very early stages of his recruitment. He has, however, been to two Saint Joseph's games so far this season with teammate Ben Bentil, and the two have also taken an unofficial visit to Hawk Hill.

Over the summer, Tilghman turned heads when he dropped 31 points against Trenton Catholic. Last week, he went for 28 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists in a win. Austin's ability to score, see the court, and rebound from the guard spot is what makes him such a special player. Going back to his mental composition, Myers added that "he has never complained ever." He went on, saying, "As point guard, everything is your fault. I tell Austin that if something goes wrong, it's on him. He knows that and you never hear a complaint out of him."

There are a number of talented guards in the class of 2014 in Philadelphia, and Myers feels that Tilghman belongs right there in the conversation with them. Why, then, is Tilghman not a household name? "He doesn't have the hype machine behind him now," Myers explained. While Austin Tilghman may not have the hype behind him at the moment, he is certainly turning the eyes of fellow players, coaches, fans, and college coaches. Recommended Stories

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