DeAndre Bembry: Inside the Game

DeAndre Bembry: Inside the Game

Over the past year, Hawk Hill Hardwood caught 6'6 senior wing DeAndre Bembry in action over a dozen times. Tonight, we look back at those games and examine exactly what type of player the Hawks landed.

Hawk Hill Hardwood saw DeAndre Bembry last May at the Mary Kline Classic. Here is what we had to say:

While Nickens scored most of his points from beyond the three-point arc, his high school and AAU teammate DeAndre Bembry did his damage in a different way. Bembry dropped, by my count, 19 points in Saturday's game. Those 19 points came on eight high-flying dunks and a three-pointer.

Bembry, at right around 6'6, is, without a question, an elite-level athlete. He can, and does, choose to play the game well above the rim. DeAndre is able to put the ball on the deck and get to the tin. There, he has only one thing in mind, and that is punishing the rim. While he did knock down a three, that is clearly a place for improvement in his game.

Bembry's ability to get to the rim, and finish well above it, has his recruitment also soaring. Saint Joseph's is involved in his recruitment, but that recruitment is really starting to intensify, and rightfully so. DeAndre has the athletic ability and body type to draw the attention of all sorts of high-majors, and he is starting to do exactly that.

Hawk Hill Hardwood also caught Bembry in action at the Live in AC event this past July in Atlantic City. Here is what we had to say:

DeAndre Bembry was especially impressive in this one. The 6'6 wing is a menace on the boards and in the paint. Early on, he had six points around the rim, including one impressive offensive rebound and contested put-back. Later on, Bembry demonstrated an improved jumper, as he knocked down two threes in a matter of moments. When he is able to set his feet, he appears to be a legitimate threat to knock down from the perimeter. With a high motor, toughness, and through-the-roof athleticism, DeAndre Bembry was terrific for Sports U yesterday. Bembry is an A10 priority recruit, with Saint Joseph's and Richmond involved, and also seeing significant high-major interest.

DeAndre Bembry is not a new name by any stretch. In fact, Hawk Hill Hardwood watched DeAndre last April at the Hoop Group Showdown. Here is what we had to say about the wing then:

The most impressive player in this game was 2013 small forward DeAndre Bembry. Bembry checks in right around 6'5 or 6'6 and is simply a lot of fun to watch. An elite-level athlete, Bembry was all over the court for the Celtics. He demonstrated a tremendous ability to put the ball on the deck and earn himself trips to the free throw line, a rarity in games like this. On the break, Bembry had a pro-style step-through for a left-handed layup. While probably not a strength of his game, he was also able to knock down one of two attempts from three. Where Bembry really got the crowd going was with his high-flying antics. In the second half, in the matter of just a couple minutes, he had two of the day's best dunks. In addition to scoring, he was a menace on the glass and took pride in playing defense, even in a setting like this. Saint Joseph's is involved in Bembry's recruitment, but if Saturday's performance was any indication, they will find that pool of schools getting deeper by the week.

Those three game recaps can hopefully provide readers with more insight into the type of players that they will be watching over the coming years.

Hawk Hill Hardwood will keep the content coming over the next several days. We have DeAndre Bembry's commitment to the Hawks covered. Recommended Stories

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