First Look at Rashard Figures

First Look at Rashard Figures

HACKENSACK, N.J. – Playing in his high school's home gym at the New Year's Jump-Off on Sunday, Rashard Figures helped lead Hackensack (NJ) to a big win over Medford Tech (NJ). The class of 2014 shooting guard was up and down throughout the game, but had some nice flashes during a 77-57 victory. After the contest he spent some time speaking with

"The season is going fine. I think that's 9-2 now," Figures said. "We're just playing, we're taking every game one by one and we're playing in the flow. We started off slow today, but we finally got it kicking in the second quarter."

The 6-foot-4, 195-pounder was not really sure what type of numbers he is putting up, nor is he particularly concerned with that.

"Not right now, I don't know the average, not really keeping [track], not really trying to keep the stats right [now], just trying to get the wins," Figures said. "But today I know they were looking for me to score, but if I see a mismatch or one of the other guys, I'm going feed him the ball and it's going to be his night. Every night is not going to be mine because I have other scorers that can score just like me on this team."

As for recruiting, Figures listed scholarship offers from Rhode Island, Delaware, Seton Hall, and St. Joe's. He also said he is garnering interest from UConn, Cincinnati, Georgetown, Miami, and others.

Figures does not have any favorites right now, but has had the opportunity to see a couple different campuses.

"Yeah, I visited UConn and Rhode Island," Figures said, adding that he does not have any other trips planned.

The junior said he does not have a timetable for a decision, but he does know what he is looking for in a college.

"Just a school I'm comfortable playing at and most importantly, the education," Figures said. "And I really don't have a problem with going far anywhere, about going away from home. And just somewhere where that I love and I see I can go to school at." While education is going to be a big part of his decision, Figures said he is unsure of what he wants to major in.

Figures spent some time talking specifically about St. Joe's, beginning with where things stand in the Hawks' pursuit of him. "I talk to the coach [Phil Martelli] every day, he talks me to about him, me, he wants me to come there," Figures said. "We talk about—it's not just about him just talking about me going there, it's just about what he thinks I should work on and asking me about how I'm playing. It's a lot of contact, we talk a lot." The New Jersey standout also shared his thoughts on the St. Joe's head coach.

"He's a good coach. I've been watching a lot of games," Figures said. "All the schools that's offered me and all the schools that's given me interest, I've been watching all the games and seeing how the flow of the game is."

Figures said he is interested in visiting St. Joe's and the coaches have been communicating with him about taking a trip to the school.

"Yeah, they've been talking," Figures said, "they've been trying to get me up there, but I've just been so busy with just basketball every single day."

The St. Joe's target also discussed the type of play he is on the court, beginning with his primary strength, which he listed as his shooting.

"The weakest would be probably—it's just the defense, I got to get the defense better," Figures said. "It has to be better and it's not something I got to work [on], I just got to want to do it. That's just how it is." Recommended Stories